30 Job Orders a Day – The Tale of the Tape

Let’s say your clients submit 30 job orders a day. How much time does that take you and your client? Why don’t we look at the math –

  • Your client calls you on the phone. They spend 5 minutes getting through the receptionist to a real person. Maybe they are put on hold or transferred.
  • Your account representative follows a script and takes down all the information for the job order. This takes maybe another 5 minutes.
  • Your account representative inputs all the information into some archaic system that has limited features for matching the job order to the talent required. Maybe this takes another 5 minutes.
  • Your staff begins looking for people that can fill that job order. They cull through numerous sources to find someone who lives nearby and is available. On the conservative side this takes one or more people another 5 minutes.
  • Your staff find someone and gets on the phone. The person isn’t available because of another commitment. There goes another 5 minutes.
  • After a couple of more tries your staff is able to find someone. It takes 10 minutes or so.

What are we up to? 30 – 35 minutes. To fill a single place and fill a single job order. Now multiply that by 30 job orders a day and you get 15 or 16 hours to fill.

Now let’s take a look at what it takes with F|STAFF –

  • Your client logs into your portal and now has the ability place their own orders. Elapsed time: <1 minute.
  • Because a record of previous job orders is stored in the system they are able to duplicate an order and change the specific information for the current order. This takes about 1 minute.
  • Your staff is immediately notified of the new order. And your client is notified that order has been received. This takes less than 1 minute.
  • The system begins matching up the job order to all available talent using skill tags and geo-locating. This takes less than 1 minute.
  • Your account representative is able to review a list of employees that have the skills required to fill the job order, live in close proximity to the job site, are available to work on the day or days required and who meet other criteria that you have specified. This takes less than 2 minutes.
  • Your account representative assigns an employee to the job order. Your client is automatically notified by email or text message that the job order is filled and who has been assigned. The employee is sent an email or text message that gives them specifics about the job such as the date and time to show up as well as the address. This is done by the system and takes less than 1 minute.

With F|STAFF the total time it takes to fill the job order is less than 10 minutes. This means that the time to fill 30 job orders in a single day is less than 5 hours.

What does that mean for you and your client? Well first of all it means that you need one less FTE to fill the same amount of job orders. Second, it makes your client happier. They don’t have to be on the phone or typing emails. The time to fill is reduced significantly.

F|STAFF give you the tools it takes to fill job orders faster and build those relationships which are critical in today’s business world. And by the way, we offer a 30 day no obligation trial. Please visit www.fstaff.com to schedule a consultation or if you are ready to go call David Jones at 623.223.1993.