Those Cracks Are Huge!

How do you take Job Orders right now? Do you take them over the phone? Or do your clients email them in? Maybe you have a web form on your website that is filled out and converted to an email. Chances are you are using one of these to get Job Orders. And it’s likely that somewhere along the way orders are being lost. And we all know what that means – lost orders equals lost revenue.

There is a better way. With F|STAFF:

  • Your clients can place Job Orders directly from your website where they show up instantly on the F|STAFF dashboard. Your people won’t be data entry clerks anymore.
  • Your clients can login to F|STAFF directly from your website and access a library of previous Job Orders that they have placed. This can save an enormous amount of time and provide you with accurate information. Reduce that Time-To-Fill!
  • You can match up the skills required to fill a job order to available employees. F|STAFF’s skill tagging functionality works hand in hand with our geo-locating to find qualified employees that are closest to the job site and immediately available.

Adding F|STAFF to your website is easy. Your webmaster will be able to add F|STAFF to your website in less than 5 minutes. No extensive coding required. Within minutes your clients can be placing job orders directly from your website.

F|STAFF give you the tools it takes to fill job orders faster and build those relationships which are critical in today’s business world. And by the way, we offer a 30 day no obligation trial. Please visit to schedule a consultation or if you are ready to go call David Jones at 623.223.1993.

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