6 Challenges Facing Staffing Agencies Today

1.       You’re losing money by not taking job orders directly from your website.

F|STAFF can easily be integrated right into your website within minutes. This will allow your clients to place job orders directly into the system. No more emails, no more phone calls, no more white boards or any of those manual systems that inevitably lose you money.

2.       You’re losing time.

If I’m not mistaken, in the business world, time is money. F|STAFF is fast. Not just fast but lightning fast. Your clients place a job order and it appears instantly on your dashboard. Your staff can, with a couple of keystrokes, match up talent to that job order, select the appropriate person and Voila!: job order filled. Your client is notified and the employee is notified by email or text message.

3.       Your staff picks the wrong candidate

A job order comes into your office requesting an employee or employees with specific skills. What happens when your staff picks the wrong employee to fill that job order? Well, that’s embarrassing. The job order specified that the employee have certain skills or requirements and your staff sent someone out that doesn’t have those. Guess what? You just lost money. Not to mention credibility. F|STAFF’s Talent Pool Management matches up job orders to employees that meet the job order requirements. And it can find employees near the job site. Yeah, it’s that good.

As a staffing agency, you cannot afford to send out the wrong employee to a job site. Moreover, time is often in short supply. You get job orders all the time that ask if you can send someone…qualified of course…to the job site in two hours. How are you going to do that if you are processing these manually, culling through paper or spreadsheets? That whiteboard in your office looks like a map of the freeways in L.A. as you try and decipher who and what goes where. F|STAFF matches up talent to job orders quickly and accurately. It doesn’t necessarily make the task mindless, just more mindful. Oh yeah, and profitable.

4.       You are paying for job orders if you use an ATS.

Some ATS systems limit you to X number of open job orders. If you exceed that, then you have to pay extra. With F|STAFF, you can process unlimited job orders. You have a thousand positions a month to fill, well, you can be certain that you won’t have to pay through the nose. Unlimited job orders…unlimited user licenses. Cool, huh?

5.       Your client forgets about you

Submitting a job order has become so time consuming or tedious that your client simply decides to find someone else to do business with. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just hit a magic button and send a job order in? I mean, really, wouldn’t that be amazing? Guess what, they can. With F|STAFF’s Easy Order Button, your client can press a button and get instantly transported to your job order portal where they can easily place an order. No fuss, no muss. They submit the order and are instantly informed by email or text that the order is received. And the order is sitting on the dashboard for your staff to begin working. They won’t forget about you because, well, why would they? They can send orders at the press of a button and have them processed with lightning speed.

6.       You get poor-quality job order descriptions

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a job order that is incomplete or inaccurate. “Send me a warehouseman on Tuesday at 7am,” for example. Sound familiar? Your staff ends up making a phone call or sending an email…or two, to figure out what your client really needs. F|STAFF stores accurate job order descriptions which only require your clients to provide any updated information like date and time. That’s it. Your staff knows exactly what skills are required to fill an order. Further, with F|STAFF’s Talent Pool Management, your staff is presented with a list of employees that have the requisite skills to fill the order. It pretty much takes the guesswork out of the process.

And if you aren’t convinced whether F|STAFF is right for you, then we invite you to try F|STAFF for FREE! No contract, no obligation.