For more than a decade, the trucking industry has had a problem. If you’re in the industry, you’re familiar with the driver staffing shortage. In 2019, the ATA reported a deficit of roughly 61,000 drivers across the United States, and it could rise to 160,000 by 2028. And as the country recovers from the Covid pandemic and commerce continues to climb, there are more loads than drivers, widespread shipping delays, and massive inefficiencies in our supply chain. These issues all add up to financial struggles and unpredictable profit forecasting for carrier companies. The good news is that there’s a solution.

The Root of the Driver Staffing Shortage Issue

There are a lot of wild reports flying around the news channels about the driver shortage right now. Some about over-inflated driver salaries, others about the driver shortage causing an increase in gas prices, and more. While there might be shreds of truth–driver salaries are on the rise, for example–it’s important for business owners to focus on solving the problem at hand, which is how to get more trucks moving, more often, while maintaining strong profit margins.

Justin Clarke, CEO and owner of F|Staff says, “It’s important that we maintain perspective. While it may appear on the surface that there is a widespread shortage of drivers, in our experience, the biggest problem plaguing the industry is, and has been, staffing inefficiency.” 

Over the last 20 years, F|Staff has worked to improve driver staffing efficiency by connecting carriers with drivers with as little friction as possible. Through experience, they’ve seen countless occurrences of empty driver’s seats while an untold number of drivers search for work. The problem is that they have a difficult time finding each other through job boards and other traditional staffing channels.

“The traditional staffing model for drivers–job boards, classified ads, word of mouth, job fairs, etc.–it’s outdated, and it doesn’t work for the carriers or the drivers,” Clarke continued. “Driver turnover tends to be high overall, and carriers spend tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time recruiting or replacing one single driver. In that time, how much money have they left on the table, unable to take contracts because of idle trucks? And how many hours of service could have been used by the qualified drivers who are out there looking for work, who don’t even know those jobs exist?”


Changing the Game with Technology

Efficiency is where Clarke says technology shines. “We’ve spent the last decade cutting the friction–and the cost to the carrier–out of the hiring process, without sacrificing driver credentialing or quality. And we’ve done it with a careful balance of technology and human touch points.”

The F|Staff driver leasing app allows carriers to connect with qualified, background-checked, and DOT verified drivers in real time. “We understand that carriers don’t want just any driver in their trucks. F|Staff provides granular filters, including experience levels, specialty endorsements, geolocation, availability, and more. It’s a game-changer for carriers who are frustrated with the current state of the industry.” The F|Staff app also comes with added bonuses like geotracking, seamless communication, and easy-to-export data. Carriers can also build a pool of favorite drivers who will get priority alerts when new jobs are available.

But Clarke also understands that a business is run by people, not computers. “While technology can take us a long way, it’s the people behind the tech that makes for an efficient and effective process.” F|Staff has evolved from a staffing agency to a leader in driver staffing technology, and they have continually maintained a high-performing staff of dispatch, safety, and customer account management professionals who provide personalized service whenever it’s needed. “Sometimes, our carrier partners want to just have a conversation, and we’re here for that.”


Put an End to the Driver Shortage with F|Staff

F|Staff means finding drivers, fast. Simply register, create your jobs, and hire qualified drivers – all from your phone or tablet. With F|Staff, filling job orders is simple, fast and crazy efficient. You get specific, accurate filters to find qualified drivers who are ready to work right when you need them, and you can hire your way, for single jobs, contract, contract-to-hire, or full time. All F|Staff drivers are pre-screened, background checked, and DOT verified. We take the pain–and the cost–out of hiring so you can move more trucks, more often.

Getting started with F|Staff is fast and easy. Just sign up online, and we’ll give you a call to talk you through the account creation and portfolio setup process. We’ll even help you through the process of posting your first few jobs. F|Staff is free to use–you only pay for your contracted drivers’ time.

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