Frequently Asked Questions

F|Staff is an on-demand marketplace for truckers. The F|Staff App matches CDL Drivers to available jobs, on-demand. Driver Staffing made simple.
F|Staff provides a simple way for motor carriers to hire CDL Truck Drivers, in real-time. Truck Drivers are “leased” or “temporarily hired” for short & long-term shifts; and Motor Carriers pay for wages & expenses for each shift requested and worked.
F|Staff is NOT a job board. All drivers are pre-screened and employed by F|Staff, which gives carriers a ready-made workforce at their fingertips.
All Truck Drivers are DOT Verified W-2 Employees of F|Staff. Truck Drivers are assigned to carriers for single loads, regular shifts, or even full-time gigs.
F|Staff On-Demand truck drivers are validated using industry-leading applicant tracking software, screening technologies, and electronic forms management. F|Staff Truck Drivers are rigorously screened and required to adhere to all Company & Carrier policies.
There is no fee to download and use F|Staff, only pay for the drivers you hire/employ on F|Staff.
Absolutely, F|Staff technology never sleeps! Plus, the 24/7 Live Support Staff are ready to answer your call and assist your requests on the F|Staff App.
Yes! You can order multiple drivers for the same shifts, or separate the shift requests to work on different days/times. F|Staff helps keep your trucks where they belong – on the road.
Yes! F|Staff Motor Carriers may cancel an order two hours prior to the requested start-time; and may make other modifications to the request anytime.
Visit the F|Staff App for real-time updates on your Truck Driver request. After a shift is accepted, you may track the worker 30 minutes prior to the start time and until the worker “clocks out” at the end of the shift.
Yes! After each shift is complete, you can immediately verify the Start / End Time recorded by the truck driver, submit changes if necessary, and approve the time.
Yes! You can reset your password at any time.
F|Staff is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as on the internet. Carriers can edit their profiles, generate reports, and post jobs / request truck drivers from any internet-enabled device.