Commitment to Quality with Certified and Vetted Drivers

In the transportation and logistics industry, the quality of your drivers is paramount. They
represent the face of your business on the road and play a crucial role in ensuring deliveries are
made safely and on time. Recognizing the importance of providing reliable and trustworthy
drivers, F|Staff has implemented stringent vetting procedures. Every driver sourced through
F|Staff is certified, background checked, DOT verified, and drug screened for your peace of


Background Checked

Trust is essential in the logistics industry. To ensure the integrity of their drivers, F|Staff conducts
thorough background checks. These checks delve into aspects like criminal history and previous
employment, helping to confirm that the drivers are reliable and trustworthy.

DOT Verified

Compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations is non-negotiable in the
trucking industry. F|Staff takes this seriously, verifying that all their drivers meet DOT standards.
This verification includes checking the driver's medical status, driving record, and safety
performance history. With DOT verified drivers, you can rest assured that you're in compliance
with industry regulations.

Drug Screened

Safety is a top priority at F|Staff, and part of ensuring safety is confirming that drivers are free
from drugs. All F|Staff drivers undergo drug screening, providing an additional layer of
assurance about their fitness to drive.

The F|Staff Difference

What sets F|Staff apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and safety. Their
comprehensive vetting process is designed to provide their clients with the best drivers in the industry. When you hire a driver from F|Staff, you're not just getting a certified, background
checked, DOT verified, and drug screened individual. You're getting a professional committed to
upholding the high standards that F|Staff and its clients expect.