Dispatch Information


Stay In Touch and Keep Driving!

In order to keep you driving, we need to know when you’re available to work. Contact dispatch and let us know which days and times you’re available, and we’ll call you when there’s a job for you. And remember, you can always log in to the F|Staff App and see what’s available immediately.

Also remember that you need to drive with F|Staff once every 30 days to stay active. If your 30 days has lapsed, please contact Dispatch to reactivate your status. You can also receive a waiver for this requirement on a case-by-case basis. If you have a medical or personal condition that you think qualifies, please contact Dispatch to discuss your situation.

Accidents, Incidents and Emergencies

If you have an accident, incident or emergency, please contact the F|Staff Compliance team at 866.847.6536, rather than Dispatch.

Commit to the Job

When you accept a job from Dispatch, the carrier and F|Staff depend upon your prompt and professional service. Please be at the appointed job site on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to work. We do adhere to a no call / no show policy that can result in termination if violated. Of course, if there’s an emergency that causes you to run late or miss a job, please contact Dispatch immediately (preferably prior to the start of the job if possible) so that we can make arrangements for the customer. Please refer to the Driver’s Handbook for complete attendance guidelines.

Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Please make sure that you are providing great customer service on all positions that you are assigned to. FStaff puts forth all their efforts to make our employees shine and we work very hard to find you the best position possible. Please make sure that you are making every effort in return and to show our customers the best you can be!

Equipment or Job Issues

Maintain Your Logs

Your logs are your responsibility. The Compliance Department mandates that all drivers comply with the law and hours-of-service regulations set forth by the FMSCA. Should you have questions on logs or hours of service, contact the Compliance Department.

Dress for the Job

Part of the tools that you may need in order to perform your job properly may include gloves, safety vest, and closed toes shoes. Some customers require special clothing such as uniforms, logoed attire, or steel-toed boots. Before working with a new carrier, please ask dispatch if they have any specific requirements.

While F|Staff doesn’t mandate specific attire outside of stated customer requirements, please remember that you’re representing both F|Staff and our customers while on the job. While driving or at the warehouse, we request that you adhere to the following dress policy:

  • Long Pants and T-Shirts
  • Denim shorts or Khaki shorts may be worn if the client approves
  • No flip-flops or open toed shoes
  • Long pants, long-sleeved shirts and steel-toed shoes must be worn at all Hazmat accounts
  • Gloves are recommended and may be required for some accounts
  • No Tank Tops or sleeveless shirts
  • No obscene logoed shirts

Appearance is pride! Please dress accordingly when dispatched for F|Staff.

Safety vests must be worn AT ALL TIMES

Be Ready to Represent

When on the job, you’re representing the entire F|Staff Family of Workers. We value honesty, integrity, hard work, and above all else, excellent customer service. Please take every opportunity to live our values, and show our customers why F|Staff drivers are the best workers they can hire!

Equipment or Delivery Issues

We want to make sure you’re safe and satisfied while working with F|Staff carrier customers. If you have any issues with a delivery or carrier equipment, please contact Dispatch right away. Also, please remember to conduct pre and post-trip inspections of vehicles per DOT regulations and report any issues you find immediately. Dispatch is there to support you and help you resolve any issues you encounter.

We’re Here for You

Our 24-hour dispatch team is here to help you before, during* and after every job. We can help you with directions, paperwork, or any other tools you may need to get your job done.


Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.




Email: Dispatch@fstaff.com
Phone: 866-847-6536 x2001

*Remember! It’s against the law to dial or interact with a hand-held cellular device while driving. Please pull over and park in a safe location before contacting Dispatch!