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Accounting errors can happen in any business. And while trucking companies and drivers both want to ensure accurate driver pay, in the instances where owner-operators and contracted drivers do contest invoices, the burden of proof is on the driver. Most trucking contracts offer a review period for any freight bills after a job is complete. But it’s still the driver’s responsibility to review those bills in a timely matter. Recently, the US Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a trucking company after an independent driver sued over one such dispute. In that case, there was a noted discrepancy between the freight bill and the amount paid to the driver. However, the driver waited too long to contest the issue. The court advised that drivers should “trust, but verify” with every job to ensure accurate driver pay.

In today’s technology age, many trucking companies and drivers are seeking ways to gain greater visibility across transactions. With the right tech, a carrier can automate accounting processes from the initial order to the driver’s contract, and through to driver pay. The more automated a system, the less potential there is for human errors. The challenge comes in finding the technology that provides complete visibility into driver pay that carriers and drivers can easily adopt.

Ensuring accurate driver pay should be easy

Trucking companies rely on their drivers to keep their businesses moving, and independent drivers build their careers with reliable carriers. Drivers are always on the go, and anything that can help ensure pay accuracy helps improve the business relationship on both ends. Many carrier companies have automated their invoicing and payments, which can help accelerate time to payment and provide greater accuracy. However, direct deposit and EFT transfers only cover one part of the transaction. It’s still up to the driver to validate pay against freight bills. For many, that’s still a manual process that may get overlooked during a busy month.

Systems that provide end-to-end visibility of every job while simplifying the payment process for drivers can go a long way toward building lasting, trusted business relationships. With the F|Staff app, carriers can easily hire highly qualified temporary drivers. In turn, F|Staff drivers can trust that their pay will reflect the bid every time. And since F|Staff allows carriers to create preferred driver pools, trusted relationships can form organically. That makes F|Staff the easy, accurate system that’s a win-win for carriers and drivers.

The driver pay process is about to get a boost with FastPay

In today’s uncertain economy, workers want to know exactly when they’ll be getting paid. Currently, F|Staff drivers can count on getting paid weekly. We decided that’s not fast enough. That’s why, right now, we’re in the final testing stages for our FastPay system to accelerate driver pay.

F|Staff FastPay will give drivers the opportunity for next-day pay. They drive, and they get paid. Job-by-job, day-by-day. It’s that simple. If you’re currently hiring contract drivers, you’re going to want in on this groundbreaking technology. And if you’re a driver looking for work, this is the best way to get your career rolling and the money flowing. F|Staff is a secure system in the palm of your hand that pays drivers in real-time. Carriers can set up jobs, drivers respond, and with FastPay, transactions happen overnight.

Ready to accelerate the payment process?

While no technology is fool-proof, and accounting errors can still happen, F|Staff puts better accuracy, visibility, and business agility into your hands. Whether you’re a carrier looking for ways to build a flexible workforce, or a driver who wants more options and faster pay, F|Staff is the right tool for the job. The best part? Signing up for F|Staff is easy for carriers and drivers. Just fill out a short web form, and we’ll contact you to walk you through the rest.

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