Stripe Account Setup Instructions

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Log in to your account at
If it is your first time logging in, select “Forgot Password?” and check your email to set up your password.

Make sure you use the same email where you received the welcome email.

Once you are logged in, select the “banking” tab and carefully read each of the 10 statements in the InstaPay agreement to fully understand the Paymint program. If you agree with the terms, select the box “I agree” and then select “Connect with Stripe”

You will land on the Connect Stripe page requiring you to complete the following fields:

  • Type of entity: Select “individual”
  • Mobile number: enter your cell phone number to approve instant payments via text messaging
  • Email: enter the email you used to register

Select “next”

You will receive a text from Stripe with a 6-digit code that must be entered into the fields:

Once the 6-digit code is entered, it will ask you for your details. For the business website. You can use: as the business website. Once your complete your personal details, select “next”

You will land on the Payout details page. You MUST select “Debit Card ” and enter your DEBIT card information to receive instant payments.

  • Do not select Bank Account. You cannot use your bank account number. You will not be able to receive funds
    same day in your bank account if you select bank account.
  • Do not use a Credit Card. It will not accept credit card or prepaid card information.
  • Do not use the TEST CARD button.

You have to use a DEBIT CARD to receive funds instantly directly in your bank account.

Be sure to select the “Debit Card ” option and enter your debit card information associated with your back account. Select “save”

After you select “save”, you will be immediately redirected back to Paymint platform and on your banking tab and it will confirm that you are setup. You have completed all the steps and you are now ready to receive instant payment!

If you select “Visit Stripe Dashboard” you will land on your Stripe Dashboard page and it will show you all the payouts you have received.

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