This last week, we paused for Thanksgiving. It’s a time when we think about the blessings in our lives and we express our gratitude for all that we have. Each of us at F|Staff has so much to be grateful for. And one of our biggest blessings is you. We are beyond thankful for our carrier partners and our family of drivers.

We’re Thankful for You

Every day, truck drivers and carrier companies keep America running. They bring us our food, fuel, and supplies. They keep our hospitals stocked with lifesaving PPE and medications. And the drivers, carrier company workers, yard workers, mechanics, and more who make up our supply chain have worked so hard this year, through tough conditions and uncertainty, to make sure we kept our country moving forward.

During this holiday season, we want to pause for a moment and reflect on the gratitude we have for each and every one of you. For the hours you put on the road. For the winter conditions that you fearlessly navigate. For all the extra time you’ve taken to keep yourselves and others safe in the face of the enduring pandemic. You’ve gone above and beyond, and we see you!

So from each of us here at F|Staff, we’d like to wish our carrier partners and each member of our family of drivers a warm, safe, and happy holiday season.