F|Staff’s Fly N Drive Coverage: Expanding Reach Beyond Established Markets

In the logistics and transportation industry, expanding reach beyond established markets is often
a challenging yet necessary endeavor. Recognizing this need, F|Staff has introduced an
innovative solution – their Fly N Drive coverage. This service allows carriers to extend their
operations into areas outside their traditional markets, offering unparalleled flexibility and reach.

The Concept of Fly N Drive Coverage

F|Staff’s Fly N Drive coverage is a unique service designed to help carriers overcome
geographical limitations. If you need a driver in a location outside your established markets,
F|Staff can fly a certified driver to that location. The driver then takes over the vehicle and
completes the designated route. This service allows businesses to fulfill unexpected or one-off
driving needs in remote or new areas, ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of F|Staff’s Fly N Drive Coverage

The Fly N Drive coverage offered by F|Staff presents numerous benefits:

Expanded Reach

With Fly N Drive, carriers can expand their reach to virtually anywhere. Whether there’s a
sudden need for a driver in a remote location or an opportunity to explore a new market, F|Staff’s
Fly N Drive service ensures that carriers can meet these needs without any logistical hiccups.

Business Flexibility

This service provides businesses with the flexibility to take on varied assignments without
worrying about driver availability. It allows them to say yes to opportunities that they would
otherwise have to pass up due to geographical constraints.


Hiring local drivers in remote or new areas can be expensive and time-consuming. With Fly N
Drive, carriers can bypass these challenges.

Reliable Service

Just like with their local staffing solutions, all drivers provided through the Fly N Drive service
are certified, background-checked, DOT verified, and drug screened. This means carriers can
expect the same level of professionalism and reliability that they are accustomed to with F|Staff.

F|Staff’s Fly N Drive coverage is a testament to their commitment to providing innovative
solutions that address the unique needs of the transportation and logistics industry. By allowing
carriers to extend their reach beyond established markets, F|Staff is not just providing a service –
they are opening up a world of opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive. With F|Staff,
geographical boundaries no longer limit carriers; instead, they can confidently explore new
territories, secure in the knowledge that F|Staff has their driver needs covered.