Commercial driving is one of the most important jobs in the country. As drivers, you deliver our food, fuel, supplies, medications, and everything else that makes our way of life possible. Truckers truly do drive everything! This week, September 13-19, is Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We at F|Staff want to say thank you to America’s 3.5-million-strong trucker workforce–for your hard work, your dedication, and your commitment to timely delivery and safety.

Driver Appreciation and the Time of Covid

This year, possibly more than any other in the history of Driver Appreciation Week, we are even more aware of just how important truckers are to our way of life. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic response, you’ve risen to the challenge and shown your dedication to your community and country by acting as the essential workforce you are. You’ve met the challenge of keeping grocery stores stocked and medical supplies moving while doing your part to keep yourself and your community safe. Thank you!

Feel the Love From Coast to Coast

Across the country this week, you’ll see volunteers who have put together creative and fun ways to show their appreciation. You might see children handing out lunches, or people holding “I Heart Truckers” signs, or public figures shouting you out in the media for your critical contributions to our communities. If you see people out there celebrating you, give ‘em a wave and a smile. They’re there to let you know just how much you’re appreciated!

F|Staff is All About Driver Appreciation

Truckers drivers are essential, and you deserve to be treated like a valued professional. At F|staff, our appreciation from drivers runs all year long. Simply put, F|Staff is the smartphone app made to give you the freedom and flexibility you deserve to build your career your way. We do that by putting YOU–the driver–first.

Inside the F|Staff app, you’ll have access to great opportunities with more than 500 carriers nationwide. We know exactly who’s hiring, and where you can find great jobs that aren’t advertised anywhere else. Sign up for free, express your interest in driving jobs that fit your needs and experience, and start working. It’s that easy. You get to set your own schedule, enjoy weekly pay, and we offer competitive pay and benefits.

Need help building your dream career path? We’ll work one-on-one with you to answer your questions and help you build a career that you’ll appreciate.

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