Job Order Management

Software that easily receives, stores and recalls job orders so you can match the right person with the right job – right now.


As a staffing agency owner or manager, you are faced with a number of challenges each day. These could include anything from incomplete job orders to making big decisions about which talent to place with which job. Technological advancements have made it easier to automate the selection process while maintaining the personal touch that only you can offer your clients. This is where F|STAFF comes in. Our job order management software is intuitive so both you and your clients can enjoy a better recruiting experience from the start.

Easy Integration

F|STAFF can easily be integrated right into your website within minutes so you can start taking online job orders quickly. This will allow your clients to place job orders directly into the system without needless emails, phone calls, messy white boards, or manual systems which inevitably cost your agency money. Our cloud-based job staffing software is easy to set up and our support staff is available to you every step of the way to assist with the transition.

Saves Time & Money

In the business world, time is money. F|STAFF is lightning fast to help your staffing agency keep up with fast-paced industries. As soon as clients place a job order, it appears instantly on your dashboard through our staffing management software. Your recruiters then match the talent to that job order with only a few keystrokes. It really is that simple! Your client will be and the employee will be automatically notified of the match by email or text message.

Unlimited Job Orders

Some ATS systems limit you to a specific number of open job orders. If you exceed that then you have to pay extra. With F|STAFF you can process unlimited job orders. That’s right: unlimited job orders and unlimited user licenses – all for one flat fee. F|STAFF makes it easy for your staffing agency to become the one-stop-shop for all your clients’ staffing needs.

Become Memorable

Submitting job orders is a notoriously time consuming and tedious process. Wouldn’t it be nice if clients could just hit a magic button and send a job order in? I mean really, wouldn’t that be amazing? With F|STAFF, they actually can! This is a great way to earn recognition in the staffing industry through better work practices that allow you to focus on outstanding customer service – without worrying about tricky technical details.

F|STAFF’s Easy Order Button

You clients press the button and are instantly transported to your job order portal where they can easily place an order. No fuss, no muss. Once the job order is submitted, clients are instantly informed by email or text that their request has been received. Meanwhile, the order is completely filled out and waiting on the dashboard for your staff to process the request. When it’s easy to do business, clients take note.

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