On Demand Driver Leasing Technology

Gig economy technology for the trucking industry.

On Demand Driver Leasing Technology

Gig economy technology for the trucking industry.


Our Story

For the last two decades, Contracted Driver Services (CDS) has worked hard to help truck drivers find their dream jobs. As a traditional staffing agency, we did a good job. Helping thousands of truck drivers build careers that they could be proud of and helped carrier companies streamline and simplify their hiring.

Yet, for all our success, by 2009, we realized we had a problem: we were drowning in our own inefficiencies. Our process was one of clipboards and photocopies, boxes of timesheets and billing invoices, and a corporate game of telephone that resulted in costly staffing delays.

What we had was a data management problem, and we knew on demand driver leasing technology was the solution.

That realization led to the development of Forward Staffing, a web-based interface that housed our driver requests. In essence, it was a technology-based talent management system that got rid of the clipboards and paper piles.

And it worked great for our business.

It also made us wonder: with our data management problems solved, could we take Forward Staffing a step further. To create a on demand driver leasing system that was faster, simpler, and more accurate for not just ourselves, but for our carrier customers and the truck drivers we employed?

That’s when the lightbulb went on. The idea of a staffing company is to help carriers find truck drivers, and help truck drivers find work. In reality, even with our data problems solved, we – the staffing company – were completely in the way. The antiquated process itself was a significant barrier to efficiency.

This realization came about the same time online shopping gained popularity. As we enjoyed the speed and convenience of receiving what we needed without leaving the home or office, we realized that the age of the middle-man-facilitated business is over. These new marketplace technology solutions give everyone involved in a transaction exactly what they need, right when they need it, without a third party getting in the way.

This thinking gave rise to F|Staff.

With an automated system behind a simple on demand driver leasing phone app, F|Staff now allows carriers to post jobs in seconds and fill them within minutes. Every job posted is sent to every available qualified truck driver in the area, based on the carrier’s specifications. Drivers respond, the order is filled, and trucks move. It’s that easy.

This idea of automating the staffing process was our chance to accelerate and streamline staffing so that truck drivers could work every available hour of service, and carriers could move every pallet of freight.

With the F|Staff marketplace technology solution, we aim to solve the driver shortage, accelerate growth for carriers, and make truck driving a profitable, desirable career choice for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is F|Staff?
    F|Staff is an on demand driver leasing marketplace technology phone app created for the purpose of accelerating truck driver staffing.
  2. What platforms does F|Staff run on?
    F|Staff is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as on-line. Carriers can also use the web based site to edit their business profiles, generate reports and post jobs.
  3.  How does a truck driver qualify to use F|Staff?
    A truck driver needs to have an active CDL, a current DOT medical certification, and they must pass the qualification screening. Once qualified, truck drivers can download the app and start working.
  4. How can a carrier company gain access to F|Staff?
    Any carrier company interested in F|Staff can fill out a simple web form. A F|Staff representative will contact them to discuss the platform and take them through a short onboarding process. As soon as they’re on board, they can start posting jobs.
  5.  How much does it cost to use F|Staff?
    F|Staff is always free for drivers. Carriers can also use the app to post jobs for free, and they get to set the rate for the job. Once a job is complete, the carrier pays F|Staff for the driver’s time.
  6. What makes F|Staff different from a job board?
    F|Staff is NOT a job board. All drivers are pre-screened and employed by F|Staff, which gives carriers a ready-made workforce at their fingertips.
  7.  How fast does F|Staff really work?
    Carrier customers report that they are able to post jobs in less than a minute. Typically, those jobs are accepted by qualified truck drivers in less than 15 minutes. By setting proximity parameters, carriers can post a job and have a truck on the road in less than half an hour.
  8. Are F|Staff truck drivers temporary workers?
    Truck drivers are employed by F|Staff and paid on W2, however they can work in a variety of arrangements with the carrier companies they drive for. Carriers can use F|Staff to hire workers for single loads, regular shifts, or even full-time gigs.
  9.  How does the driver benefit from F|Staff?
    Truck drivers regularly experience day-long layovers while they’re waiting for their next load. During that time, they have hours of service going to waste. Those hours represent significant lost salary. F|Staff can be used to fill every available hour of service. Additionally, truck drivers can work as often or as little as they like with F|Staff, so they can plan their work around their home lives.
  10. How do carriers know they’re getting safe, qualified and professional truck drivers?
    All F|Staff on demand driver leasing truck drivers are held to high qualification, safety, and code-of-conduct standards. F|Staff truck drivers are validated through industry-leading driver staffing practices, including driver screening, drug and alcohol testing, and DOT file reviews, and are required to adhere to employee policies.

The buzz about F|Staff

“[F|Staff] is simple and easy to use, and I always get real-time responses for my driver requests.  No more wondering if I will have the drivers I need to get our loads covered.  This has been a long time coming to the industry.”
–    Heidi Tahquechi, Transportation Supervisor, FirstFleet, Inc.

“With the use of the F-Staff App, the stress of booking a driver is removed. It’s so simple and fast to request a driver. I just plug in the information and send it off. Usually within 5-10 minutes, I have confirmation of what drivers have accepted what loads. It also allows me to see where the driver is while on the load, making it so much easier to track performance.”
–    Joshua White, Transportation Supervisor, FirstFleet, Inc.

“Right out of the gate, F|Staff connected one customer with drivers to fill 6 empty seats in less than 30 seconds. That’s approximately 600% faster than traditional staffing methods.”

–    Jess Freeman, Director of Fulfillment, F|Staff

“My schedule has been filled full-time for the last few years with work I pick and choose, and the office staff is always friendly and helpful. Earlier this year, I purchased my own truck to start my own business as an owner-operator, but I still do part-time work through F|Staff, and have no plans to stop. Unexpected breakdowns are to be expected for any owner-operator, but it is very assuring to know that I can still rely on F|Staff for work if and WHEN my truck is down in the shop. There are also occasions such as holiday weekends, when my freight slows down, but F|Staff is offering local work, which I also take advantage of win/win.”

–    Brandon Ramirez, Driver

Strategic Leadership Team

Justin Clarke, CEO of F|Staff, is an impassioned entrepreneur, business mentor, and philanthropist. As a second-generation transportation industry professional, Justin has always understood the significance of truckers in the United States. Since 2001, Justin has championed efficient processes for linking quality employers with qualified workers. Today, F|Staff is fundamentally changing truck driver staffing by offering a digital marketplace that connects truckers and carriers in real time. He is dedicated to accelerating the supply chain while meeting the needs of each individual driver and carrier customer. Justin resides in Goodyear, AZ with his wife, Jaime, and their two kids Hayley and Jackson. Justin loves golfing, coaching youth sports, traveling, good food, and human kindness.