Thanksgiving has come and gone, and soon, the 2020 holiday season will be behind us. But the year isn’t over yet! It’s peak season for deliveries, snow is falling around the nation, and lots is happening around the industry. Here are a few highlights from this month.

ATA Recognizes Three Trucking Heros

This year, at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition, three drivers received the 2020 COVID Heroes Award for their demonstrated courage and selflessness during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Reggie Barrows (FedEx), Charlton Paul Jr. (UPS Freight), and Rich Miller (independent owner-operator) received honors and thanks for going above and beyond to keep essential goods flowing.

Each of the three award recipients demonstrated excellence in their professions while also giving back to their local communities. Barrows helped lift people’s spirits in Falmouth, Massachusetts by participating in a photography charity project. He posed with delivery recipients and raised $30,000 for a local food pantry. Paul volunteered in an effort to build ramps and houses for people in need and as part of hurricane relief efforts in Florida. He used his professional connections to deliver 1000 masks, 200 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 4500 pairs of gloves to keep volunteers safe. And Miller, who has battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, set up a program, which he funded with his own money, to deliver $60,000 worth of cheese to more than 30 schools and 25 food pantries in Wisconsin.

Winter is Here; Be Ready for the Cold

From snowstorms to slick parking lots, icy loading docks to frosty windshields, the winter cold poses challenges for drivers. Before you head out on a cold, icy, or snowy trip, check out CDL Life’s Essential Winter Checklist for Truckers. We’d write one for you, but they’ve done a great job listing out all those items that can help keep you safe and warm throughout the winter.

Drivers Could be Priority Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients

Truck drivers and other commercial transportation workers are classified as “essential” workers, according to the U.S. government. That means drivers could be among the first to get a Covid-19 vaccination in the event of limited supplies. The FDA, which is set to hear arguments for emergency use authorization of two potential vaccines, will decide how initial supplies are to be distributed. It’s looking likely that healthcare personnel, those with underlying conditions, people over 65, and workers in essential and critical industries will be among the first to be eligible for a vaccine. So stay tuned! Pandemic relief could be just around the corner!

CA AB5 Challenge Potentially Threatened

In a November 19th ruling, the California Court of Appeals dealt a possible blow to the trucking industry, stating that the ability for trucking companies to hire contractors was not preempted by the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act (F4A). The unanimous ruling asserted that the defendant had “not demonstrated… That application of the ABC test prohibits motor carriers from using independent contractors or otherwise directly affects motor carriers’ prices, routes, or services.” While this case predates the AB5 challenge, the ruling could have a significant impact on the pending AB5 appeals case. Meanwhile, the ATA warns that the independent contractor battle could move to a national platform. Keep checking back. We’ll be watching this one closely.

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