Winter weather can bring entire regions to a standstill, even in areas that are prepared for storms. Last month in Texas, millions of people experienced wide-spread food and water shortages and power outages as unprecedented cold and snowy conditions ravaged the state. Our hearts go out to those who were affected by the cold weather. And we’re grateful for everyone who stepped up to lend a hand and organized assistance to keep people fed and warm, including Ohio-based truck driver Brad Hayes.

As a driver and trucking company owner, Hayes knew he could make a difference. He challenged his community to fill a trailer with food and supplies that he could take to those who needed help in Texas. Within just a few days, he had a trailer full of donations ready to go.

“They were showing pictures of empty store shelves and they were building fires around water lines and I thought, ‘Man, somebody’s got to do something, somebody’s got to help,’” Hayes said to NBC4i News.

When the call went out online for donations, local bartender Courtney Kiser also chipped in to help Hayes organize. Using her bar’s storeroom to stage goods to go into Hayes’ truck, they gathered community contributions to help fill the gap left by the bare store shelves that prevailed throughout the Texas storm. Multiple businesses jumped at the chance to help, and a community-wide effort was set into motion.

By the time Hayes got to Texas, people were just starting to get power and water back on, but supplies were still in high demand.

“It gives me goosebumps even talking about it, just thinking, even from a parent’s perspective, I couldn’t imagine any child, mother, being without anything,” Kiser said. “I would be devastated, so anything we could do to help, why not?”

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