We’re all familiar with consumer loyalty programs, and many truckers rely on the savings and perks that come with them. Now, one of the nation’s largest truck stop chains has released an overhauled, app-based savings and reward program called myRewards Plus. Mike Rodgers, chief technology officer at Pilot Company told Trucker News, “We are always working to enhance the experience for our guests and are introducing the myRewards Plus app to simplify how drivers can earn more, save more and make the most of their stops when they visit any of our locations.”

Start with the App

The new myRewards Plus app runs on iPhone and Android and gives you access to the rewards program at more than 1,000 Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers and One9 Fuel Network locations around the United States. The new app combines the features of the previously used Pilot Flying J app and the Pilot myRewards Card to simplify and enhance the loyalty program so you can get easy access to your benefits and features.

Download the app for iPhone | Download the app for Android

Earn More Points

The myRewards Plus app allows commercial drivers to earn up to four points per diesel gallon. Once you activate the Tiered Points Program in the app each month, you’ll start earning points simply by filling your truck at a participating station. Each fill increases the points you earn per gallon by half a point. After six fills, you’ll reach top-tier status, earning four points per fill. On average, drivers earn $37.50 per month in points that can be redeemed on prime parking, showers, supplies, food, and drinks. But remember: you must activate the Tiered Points Program each month in the app to qualify for points!

Accumulate More Savings

Participation in the myRewards Plus program grants access to exclusive offers and discounts on food, beverages, and supplies. There’s a drink club you can participate in as well, where you can earn every 10th dispensed drink or coffee for free. If you’re familiar with the old program, you’ll remember you could earn shower credits… not to worry, that program is still in place. You’ll find it in the new app under Shower Power.

Rely on More Convenience

Planning ahead can help you save time at every stop. The app makes it even easier to plan with built-in navigation and location amenity filters. You can also set up contactless payment and digital receipts for a safer and faster way to pay. And you can reserve showers, book Prime Parking, initiate mobile fueling, and more, all with a few clicks of the app. You don’t even have to leave your cab.

Works for New and Existing Accounts

If you already have a myRewards Card, you can add your existing account to the myRewards Plus app. All your current points and amenities will transfer over. If you’re new to the program, just download the new app and select “new card.” The app will walk you through account setup, and you’ll be ready to start earning and saving.

Download the app for iPhone | Download the app for Android