truck driving industry

Downed bridges, border blockages, sluggish supply chain recovery, and truck recalls—these days, it can seem as if there is nothing but crises and conflict in truck driving industry news.

Even when times feel uncertain, we want you to know that F|Staff stands with truck drivers first. Our goal is to make sure that every trucker who gives us their trust is happy, successful, and secure in their career. Here are just some of the ways F|Staff can help truckers be successful amidst the deluge of concerns you may be facing:

Concern: Infrastructure nightmares
Solution: Logistical leveraging
Dilapidated roads, congested interstates, truck parking filled before the sun sets—truckers often pay for all of this in time, inconvenience, and pay. Are there certain routes that make your teeth rattle just thinking about them? Bottlenecks so blocked up you’d rather carry cargo through on your back than in a trailer? Whatever the reason, you choose which routes do and don’t work for you and your schedule. F|Staff is here to provide you the opportunity to be on the road when you want with our expanding selections of on demand work.

Concern: Driver shortage burnout
Solution: Make your own schedule
F|Staff knows you shouldn’t have to be overworked to be successful. By working with us you take complete control of your career, choosing when to work and for how long—creating the schedule you’ve always wanted. Plus, being an employee of F|Staff means opportunities to take a variety of different types of jobs; explore the clients and routes that suit you the best. 

Concern: (Can’t forget) the pandemic
Solution: Benefits that work for you
As we enter our third year of the pandemic, many of us are strained from worry about the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our families. Working for F|Staff, you have a company you can trust behind you. With full-time benefits available, including PTO, you can rest easy should you need to miss work if you need to care for a loved one. Plus, our drivers can get paid as early as the next day for completed jobs, with Fast Pay so you aren’t waiting for a paycheck when you need it most.

Are you ready to be a part of the team? Let us have your back. Your new career as an F|Staff driver is just a few clicks away. Sign up for free, express your interest in jobs that fit your needs and experience, and start working. Learn more and apply today.