As we round the bend into the final months of 2020, things are looking up in our industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck transportation jobs saw an increase of 4600 in September. Additionally, revisions to earlier statistics solidified job growth numbers from over the summer, revealing that the industry added 10,000 permanent positions during July and August.

A Close Watch on the Industry

This year has been one of great uncertainty for many, including truck drivers and carrier company leadership teams. The lingering effects of the pandemic have caused businesses to cut back and use caution, and has also caused drivers to stay put in their existing jobs or even leave the industry due to Covid fears.

Over those months of uncertainty, freight volumes hit a plateau. However, as the market rebounds, volume increases. And as drivers have become familiar and comfortable with new safety protocols, they are starting to look for work. It’s great timing, too, since we’re set for a holiday season surge.

With commercial diesel prices down over 21% from this time last year, we’re looking at a potentially profitable season.  That is… if you can find drivers in time.

Where Are the Drivers?

The recruit-to-hire process takes a significant amount of time and money. And while you may be ready to open up new job opportunities to handle seasonal loads, you may be hard pressed to fill those driver’s seats.

In a time when we’re relying more and more on online buying and direct shipping, it makes sense that the industry would need drivers. Unfortunately, new drivers aren’t coming out of CDL schools at the numbers we would typically see, and that poses a significant challenge for companies looking to hire new talent.

Keep Your Business Moving Forward with F|Staff

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You can use F|Staff to hire one-time, short-term, temp-to-hire, or permanent drivers. You can even find same-day drivers who can be on site, ready to work, often in less than an hour. And because you only pay for the driver’s time you use, and you can use it as much or as little as you like, F|Staff is a risk-free solution to keep ready for when you need it most.

Ready to Get Your Fleet Moving?

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