Staffing Agency Management Software

Our cloud-based staffing software is specialized to connect job seekers with companies they will love.

Things in the world are changing – fast. The staffing industry is no exception. An upward hiring trend and a deteriorating talent pool will be the most difficult challenge employers will face moving forward. Smart companies understand the importance of facing challenges with innovative solutions. And, not surprisingly, most employers find that supplementing their workforce with quality staffing services is the best solution. F|STAFF offers innovative job order management software that is fast, efficient and intuitive so your staffing agency can stand out from the competition.

Looking Ahead

Sometimes, the best clients can be the most demanding. Even the best staffing agencies need innovative solutions that help maximize efficiency to meet the grueling demands their clients make. Staffing agencies need to be faster, smarter, and ready to take on a large volume of new orders to grow their business in today’s competitive markets.

Smarter Tools

F|STAFF helps staffing agencies get more job orders. Our job order management software, devices, and easy portal links allow growing firms the opportunity to gain more attention from their customers/buyers. This competitive advantage is just what staffing agencies need to grow their business and streamline their job order process.

Built for Staffing

F|STAFF was developed by professionals in the staffing industry, for professionals in the staffing industry. We understand your needs and challenges. Our user interface is incredibly easy-to-use, and designed to allow quick, clear access to the information that matters to you, the busy recruiter, and your clients.

The Benefits

For the busy staffing agency, F|STAFF frees up time in your day by alleviating job order management functions, which allows you to focus on finding top talent to match your client’s needs.

Centralize your Work

Staffing agencies need one place to find and manage orders so they can fill them quickly. Everything at F|STAFF is geared towards centering your work in one simple, easy to manage application. F|STAFF helps to streamline your workflow by keeping relevant data, like job orders, candidate matches, and job descriptions centralized in one, easy-to-access location.

In the Cloud

Managing your work orders on sheets of paper and a giant white-board is so last century. Don’t lose key client details or job descriptions when you need them most. F|STAFF is 100% cloud-based to help keep your job orders secure. Our staffing software will help bring your agency into the modern age with efficient technology. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all your work is available to you, through any internet-enabled device.

Build Relationships

In the Staffing Industry, people and relationships matter. Unlike a VMS, F|STAFF helps to build relationships between staffing firms and clients by opening lines of communication and ensuring consistency and transparency within job orders and candidate selection.

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