Talent Pool Management

1Cloud-based talent pool management software that pairs each job with the perfect employee for the job. Now that’s smart.

Job orders are placed because the client trusts you to make informed decisions about their staffing needs. You are the one with the resources and the knowledge to match qualified talent with available jobs in the area. We have made it our mission to help improve this process with cloud-based talent pool management software so your staff can search for exactly the right people with the skills your clients need to be successful.

Efficient Talent Pool Management

As a staffing agency, you cannot afford to send the wrong employee to a job site. Moreover, time is often in short supply. Same-day job orders are sent in all the time requesting someone qualified to assist with the workload. It’s impossible to complete quality same-day requests without a digital talent pool management system. This is where F|STAFF comes in. Our software is capable of locating all qualified employees within a designated location. F|STAFF is the efficient way to view available talent so you can give clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Better Quality Job Order Descriptions

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a job order that is incomplete or inaccurate. Countless recruiters will relate to the notoriously vague email: “Send me a warehouseman on Tuesday at 7am”. Your staff then has to make a phone call (or several) to figure out what the client really needs. F|STAFF stores accurate job order descriptions which only require your clients to provide any updated information like date and time. That’s it. Your staff knows exactly what skills are required to fill an order. Additionally, F|STAFF’s talent pool management system presents your staff with a list of employees who have the requisite skills to fill the order – and only those people. We take the guess work out of talent pool management so you can complete accurate orders every time.

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