Time & Attendance

PrimeTime has made time and attendance easy for staffing agencies and their clients. PrimeTime will help staffing agencies minimize lost time and money. Get alerts for missed punches, overtime hours, and track attendance patterns. Ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act, Family and Medical Leave Act & more.

Leading studies have shown that even in the best scenarios there is still a 1-8% human error when processing time sheets manually, not counting any additional hidden costs that come with overpaying employees. Switching to an automated time tracking solution is not only cost effective but allows you to have more control over your employee’s time clock habits.


PrimeTime’s web based time and attendance software will keep your agency on top. Our solution is built to keep you managing your workforce proactively so there are no surprises. We integrate with most payroll systems and PEO’s making your weekly, biweekly or monthly payroll a piece of cake.

Flexible & Easy To Use

>  Our straight-forward application design reduces employee training time and costs
>  Custom set application parameters fit company needs
>  Breakdown regular, overtime, and double time hours by employee and department for supervisor sign off
>  Perform mass schedule updates: Customers can now delete all schedules for all assigned employees for any given day
>  Assign employees to multiple jobs or departments
>  Make timesheet pages displayable in print format using Quick Report.

Login & Mobile Time Clock

>  GPS enabled geofencing helps ensure that employees clock-in while they are on location
>  Optional photo verification for clock-in eliminates fraudulent clock-in attempts
>  Real-time data updating makes it easy for supervisors to monitor hours & breaks

How much is it?
Check out our Return On Investment tool below and see what you could be saving by switching to an automated, web-based system and then call us to schedule a demonstration.

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