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As the leader of a carrier business, you’re faced with many challenges. Managing ongoing contracts, attracting new business and handling fluctuations in demand are enough to keep you busy for the long haul. Then there’s the task of finding the right drivers in a market that’s perpetually short and highly competitive. F|Staff helps take the pressure off the driver hiring process by ensuring that you always have access to the staff you need. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider signing up with F|Staff today and browse truck driving careers:

1. Insulate your business from unexpected changes

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can never be too prepared for rapid change. F|Staff builds flexibility into your hiring practices by giving you on-demand access to a ready-made workforce. Whether you need a single driver or a full crew, F|Staff has you covered.

2. Stop leaving money on the table

Have you ever had to walk away from an opportunity because you couldn’t staff up fast enough? Or have you ever had to pass on a deal because you lacked drivers with certain qualifications or endorsements? When you’re using F|Staff to find drivers, you can say “yes” to more business, and you can devote your investment dollars to new trucks and better equipment, knowing that the drivers you need will be there when you need them.

3. Attract high-quality F|Staff drivers based on your needs

F|Staff drivers are pre-qualified based on your needs. At a minimum, every F|Staff driver is DOT verified, drug tested and background checked. We also work with our carrier clients who have specific needs, including specializations, endorsements, and government contracts. We even have badged postal service drivers ready to handle your USPS hauling contracts.

4. (Nearly) eliminate driver turnover costs

Did you know that the turnover of a single driver can cost your company up to $20,000? And studies show that some areas have sustained turnover rates in excess of 100%. Driver leasing means the potential of reducing your turnover costs to near zero. With F|Staff, you only pay for the drivers’ time you use, and you have a steady supply of drivers who are ready to work when your trucks are ready to move.

5. Hire your way through F|Staff, faster and with better results

F|Staff lets you hire your way. Whether you want to hire a driver for a single job or use the app for temp-to-hire screening… you can. Just configure your searches for the type of driver engagements you want, and interested drivers come to you. You’ll staff your trucks faster, with less hassle, and at a significantly lower cost than a traditional recruit-to-hire process.

6. F|Staff is faster than traditional contract staffing

While there is still widespread use and merit to traditional contract staffing through an agency, F|Staff can accelerate your contract hiring by up to 600%*. The reason is simplicity. F|Staff cuts out the middle-man and puts you directly in touch with drivers who are ready to work. You’re still getting the same, high-quality, and verified driver you would get by going through dispatch… you’re just finding them faster and more efficiently.

*Based on internal metrics conducted by F|Staff Dispatch

7. Greatly reduce human resources management costs with F|Staff

F|Staff drivers work on W2 through our company. That means we cover human resources management for your drivers, including daily and weekly pay, benefits administration, unemployment insurance, paid vacation, and more. Drivers who work full time through F|Staff get all the benefits and perks, and you don’t have to manage (or pay for) anything other than the hours they work for your company. It’s a win-win!

8. Create a data-driven business strategy with F|Staff analytics

With F|Staff, you gain access to a wealth of data and rich reports that can help you make informed decisions about the future of your company. You’ll gain full visibility across your drivers’ effectiveness, including delivery time, punctuality, GPS variance and more. You’ll also have access to reports that help you chart the number of drivers you’ve hired, how many hours they worked, and how much you’ve spent on driver pay. With this transparent access to data, you can increase the efficiency of your business, build preferred driver pools, and plan for seasonal fluctuations with greater confidence.

9. It’s as risk-free as you can get

F|Staff isn’t a job board, and it’s not a contract. It’s just an app for truck driving careers. Once you’re set up in the system, you can use it as little or as often as needed, and you only pay for the drivers’ time you use. You can have it in your pocket as your go-to when a driver calls out sick, or you can lean on it as your primary staffing tool. The app is configurable, with preferences that include driver qualifications above-and-beyond DOT minimums, pay rates for jobs, geo-fencing, start/stop times, and more. You can also rate and rank drivers, define preferred driver pools, and limit who sees your job postings so you’re sure to get the drivers who work best for your business.

10. It’s incredibly easy to get started

To get started with F|Staff, all you need to do is fill out a simple web form. We’ll give you a call to walk you through the setup process, and we’ll even help you post your first couple jobs. List truck driving career opportunities with our app!

Visit us at to learn more and to get signed up!