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There’s a driver shortage going on, and that means truck drivers are in high demand. The industry is currently short roughly 60,000 drivers. But even with all those open positions, employment is never a guarantee, especially for drivers who don’t have specializations and endorsements beyond their CDL. By adding a HAZMAT endorsement to your resume, you could open yourself up to some great opportunities for truck driving jobs.

Motor carrier companies are taking steps to find highly-qualified drivers. Here are reasons why a HAZMAT endorsement can help you secure your dream job with the carrier of your choice.

1. You’ll work for carriers that use technology to your benefit

Those who have received the training and endorsement understand that the job comes with certain risks, but many carrier companies are working to make their fleets safer for their HAZMAT drivers. Look for carrier companies that have added modern collision avoidance systems to their fleets. These systems are proven to reduce the risk and severity of accidents, and they help protect you, your truck, and everyone else on the road.

Speaking of accidents, truck drivers often get blamed even when they’ve done nothing wrong. If found at fault, a driver faces the potential loss of their license. Accidents can damage driver reputation and make it difficult to find work in the future. More and more, carrier companies that require HAZMAT endorsements are installing front- and driver-facing cameras. Whether or not you’re hauling hazardous materials, cameras offer peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have the proof you need to maintain your innocence if wrongfully accused.

2. You can get ongoing training

When you get your HAZMAT endorsement, you’ll learn a lot, and you may not use that information every day. Carrier companies often offer their HAZMAT drivers ongoing training that helps you remember vital information and learn new regulations as they take effect.

Look for carriers that offer HAZMAT training on a regular cadence and whenever regulations change. Those companies are demonstrating their commitment to your safety and your career as a driver.

3. You may get paid more with a HAZMAT endorsement

If you’re looking for high-paying truck driving jobs, you’ll want to take a closer look at getting that HAZMAT endorsement. According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a Class A CDL HAZMAT/Tanker driver is nearly $11,000 more per year than a standard CDL driver salary.

But there’s more to work than money. Progressive carrier companies often offer competitive compensation packages, including benefits and a better work/life balance. With your HAZMAT endorsement, you’ll have more options, and you can build a career with a company that values their highly qualified workers.

4. Your HAZMAT endorsement gives you the power of choice

People leave their jobs for many reasons, but one of the top reasons truckers quit is tedium. Same stuff, different day, all day long. Hazardous materials transport and other specialty driving endorsements help you keep your job interesting.

When looking for employment, find a carrier or staffing company that can help you maximize your skills. With endorsements, you’ll have even more choices for an exciting career that includes work-life balance, fair compensation, a variety of routes and load types, and more.

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