You know what they say… there’s an app for that. And “that” includes trucking! In fact, there’s isn’t just an app; there are many. From mapping and mileage tracking, to fuel and truck stop finders, to fitness and health and more, there are plenty of apps for your smartphone or tablet to help you keep track of everything that matters while you’re on the road. Check out a few of our favorites below. Just remember to make sure to use those apps safely, and never grab your phone or tablet while you’re driving!

Mapping, Directions, and Weather

Google Maps

If your truck doesn’t have an onboard GPS, Google Maps is a basic, free app for mapping your route. Choose your destination by address, city, or cross streets. Then rely on voice navigation for hands-free guidance to your next stop. 


Waze is a mapping alternative for iPhone or Android that offers more than driving directions. With real-time traffic alerts, including construction, accidents, police activities, backups, and more, Waze can help you plan your trip so that you avoid delays. Waze also allows you to play music through your favorite app while still getting turn-by-turn voice navigation. 

Weather Apps

There are so many weather apps, including basics like the Weather Channel app and AccuWeather, and cheeky apps like What the Forecast. But our favorite for truckers is Drive Weather. This app is made for over-the-road driving, so you can track weather along your route. You can also compare routes, add stops, and change departure times to predict the safest time to travel. You’ll get a visual map of your route, along with important data like wind speed and direction, temperature, and radar imaging. 


Truckstops, Fuel, and Parking


The GasBuddy app helps you find the best prices on gas along your route and in your area. You can also get special discounts and rewards by creating a GasBuddy account. Over the last 15 years, this top-rated app has saved users over $3.1 billion dollars. It pulls prices from over 150,000 nationwide locations, so you can save on fuel costs no matter where your route takes you.


FuelBook is much like GasBuddy in that it helps drivers save on gas prices, but this free mobile app is focused on the commercial transportation industry. It will help you navigate the complex fleet discount codes at truck stops so you can find the very best price for diesel for your truck or fleet. 

Trucker Path

The Trucker Path app, designed for iPad and iPhone, helps you find independent and chain truck stops, parking information, weigh stations, rest areas, restaurants, hotels, repair shops, and more. It’s built by truckers, for truckers, with an easy-to-use interface so you can navigate directly to your next stop. You can also rank and rate stops, build your community, and set favorites. The basic services are free, and there is a premium add-on that can help you manage your hours of service. 

Park My Truck

If you’ve ever tried to park your truck in an unfamiliar area, you know how hard it can be! That’s why the Truck Parking Leadership Initiative developed the Park My Truck app, a tool that allows public and private parking providers to report their parking availability. You can download the app for free and use it to find parking in real-time, no matter where you are.

Trucker Notes

It often happens that you find a favorite truck stop, restaurant, motel, etc. along your route. But how often do you remember all of those favorites? Trucker Notes is a convenient, free app to help you keep track of the places you want to remember. It’s map-based, so you just place a marker on the map at your current location and log what’s there. Then you can use your map as a reference when you revisit the area. How cool is that?

Fitness and Health

Rolling Stone

There are many fitness and health apps on the app stores, both free and paid, that can help keep you moving and motivated. But Rolling Stone is an app-based fitness program developed specifically for truck drivers. The app is a complete wellness program that includes:

  • Access to health screenings, CDL wellness coaches, and social pages
  • Goal setting and daily fitness/health tracking
  • An education library
  • A gym/health services facility finder
  • And more

Rolling Stone also helps you keep track of your medical recertification requirements, and includes games, challenges, and rewards to keep you motivated.




We think all the apps here are pretty cool, but this one is next-level awesome. Dock411 helps you navigate the ins-and-outs of loading yards and shipping facilities, and answers tough questions like:

  • What can I expect for wait time, load time, and unload time?
  • Are there restrooms, a driver’s lounge, WiFi, vending machines, or other amenities available?
  • Is my dog welcome?
  • And much more

Dock411 also provides pictures of the facilities so you can get an idea of what to expect before you arrive.


While there are many apps on the market that lock phone features or change the way the phone interface works while driving, the safest “app” for driving is the “do not disturb” feature on your phone. By configuring your phone to divert phone calls to voicemail and auto-reply to text messages while you’re driving, you can keep your attention on the road, which will improve safety for you and all those near you.

Career Management with F|Staff

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