The TikTok platform is huge, and with so many followers, it’s no surprise that truck drivers have carved out a corner for themselves with videos posted under hashtags like #truckers, #truckerstories, #truckerlife and more. Their TikToks may inspire us, give us new perspectives, or make us laugh, but they all have one thing in common: they connect us to drivers from all over the country through countless videos that give us a deeper understanding of life on the road. 


Here are a few TikToks we found that are sure to make you smile or even laugh out loud.

Driver Pays It Forward to Stranded Family

If you’ve ever run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, you know what a sinking feeling that can be. Especially when you have your whole family with you! That’s precisely what happened to one family, but what came next surprised them. A truck driver named Kevin stopped to help. He hooked their car to his truck and pulled them to the nearest gas station. But it was what came next that shocked them. Kevin paid for their gas and asked only that they pay it forward.

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TikTok Friends Meet for the First Time

For OTC drivers, meeting up while on the road usually requires some planning and a whole lot of luck. But for one Alabama-based trucker, a random stop became a surprise meet-up. She pulled off to take a 30-minute break, and another truck pulled alongside her. To both drivers’ surprise, they recognized each other as long-time TikTok friends! They’d never met in real life before that moment. After chatting during their break, they went their separate ways, enriched by the experience and grateful for the random meetup.

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Driver Wakes Up to a Surprise in Louisiana

Some areas of the country are more prone to flooding than others, based on how the water surges. One driver learned that LaPlace, Louisiana is one such area when he woke up to his truck surrounded by water! He took to TikTok to warn his fellow drivers of the potential for a wet wake-up in LaPlace. This fun video features dashcam footage as he slowly navigates his way out of the flood zone.

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Try Not to Laugh

Driver Natasha Conway might just be in it for the laughs, or she might be as tired as she says. Drivers are no stranger to weariness… but they also know exactly how to keep things fun! Conway posted a TikTok that’s sure to make you laugh and give you the pick-me-up you need. We’re not going to give away the surprise. Just go watch the video.

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And Now for an Important Message

Commercial driver and viral TikToker Alex Nino has a very important message for every non-commercial driver out there. He wants everyone to know the easiest way that anyone, whether they’re in a car or on the side of the road, can brighten the day of any truck driver who happens to drive by.

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