Truck Driver Detention Time

There are only so many hours in the day. How many of those hours do you spend in detention and dwell time?  

The answer, according to industry research, is “too many.” A recent ATRI study showed that nearly 26% of drivers spend between 2 to 4 hours in detention, and 23% of drivers wait longer. Those hours spent waiting add up to lost income, increased driver fatigue, and decreased safety. 1 

What’s Being Done About Detention Time? 

Many carriers split detention fees with drivers who spend more than two hours waiting. While these fees help drivers recover some of their lost time and wages, they often don’t pay the same as driving hours. They also do nothing to alleviate the boredom and fatigue caused by waiting. 

Detention Time Affects Everyone 

Drivers know the problems caused by waiting all too well. But carriers are also affected when drivers are made to wait. For every hour a driver spends in detention or dwell time, the schedules for both the initial delivery and next jobs slip. Often, carriers have loads waiting and no drivers to move them.  

F|Staff is a Solution for Drivers and Carriers 

Now, there’s a solution that solves the detention problem for both drivers and carriers. That solution is F|Staff. This simple phone app lets drivers connect with carriers in realtime to find jobs that are immediately available. 

Fill Your Hours of Service on Your Terms 

F|Staff lets you take your career into your own hands so you can fill every available hour of service.  

Instead of watching your hours tick by, open F|Staff on your phone and find local and long-distance loads near you that need to move. You can pick a job that fits your immediate needs and spend your hours of service making a full salary. You’ll be more productive, introduce variety into your schedule to keep things interesting, and build strong relationships with carriers across the country. And with F|Staff, you can earn benefits, including medical, dental, paid time off, and more.  

There are no contracts or risks in becoming an F|Staff driver. You can use the app as often or as little as you like, and F|Staff is always free for drivers. 

Get Started Today 

All F|Staff drivers must be pre-qualified, DOT verified, and drug/alcohol tested before using the app. Getting started is simple. Fill out a short, online form and our driver recruitment team will contact you to walk you through the process.  

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