You might have heard that there’s a new law going into effect January 2020 that threatens the way of life.

California Assembly Bill 5 (CA AB5) will reclassify independent truckers in the state of California as employees, which forces carriers to cover worker protections, including unemployment insurance, minimum wage, and other mandatory coverages.

While CA AB5 is good news for drivers on many levels, it complicates things. You may find yourself more attached to individual carriers than you want to be. Alternately, you might not have the variety of work available to you that you previously enjoyed. According to some industry experts, CA AB5 will make it impossible for trucking companies – including owner-operators who run independent businesses – to contract together.

The Gig Economy and Independent Truckers

Independent truckers have enjoyed a “gig” career long before apps like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash ushered in the idea of a gig economy—and created the environment that resulted in the passing of CA AB5.

Owner-operators often work when and where they want, setting their own rates, and structuring their careers around their lives to achieve balance. These freedoms and liberties aren’t often available to drivers who work full-time for a carrier. And while it might seem like this is the end of the gig life for independent trucking, there are options that can help keep independent driver careers moving forward after CA AB5 goes into effect.

The Solution is In Your Hands

F|Staff is the first phone app of its kind that lets truck drivers find immediately available contract work. When you take jobs through F|Staff, you are paid on W2 as an F|Staff driver. That means you’re compliant under the law, making you a more attractive option for California carriers.

With F|Staff, You’re Free to Choose

Having F|Staff on your phone means that you have options. As an F|Staff driver, you can take all the work you want, but you’re still free to take other jobs, including those that use your truck.  However, all of the work you take through F|Staff counts towards your total monthly hours, which can make you eligible for benefits, including medical, dental, paid leave, and more.

F|Staff Means More Hours of Service Filled

How many times have you been stuck across the country, watching your available hours of service tick by, unused? When you’re in an F|Staff service area, you can fill those hours and make more money while you’re on the road. If you find yourself in an extended detention or layover, just open the app and see what’s available nearby.

Getting Started is Easy

After filling out a simple web form, an F|Staff representative will contact you to start the screening process. All F|Staff drivers are required to undergo a DOT verification process, including drug and alcohol screening and background checks.

Once you’re through the process, you’re in! You can download the app and start taking jobs immediately. And because F|Staff is always free for drivers to use, there is no risk in having it on your phone. It just means you have more options available at your fingertips.

Get Your Gig Life Moving

Whether you’re an owner-operator or a driver looking for greater freedom, flexibility, and control over your career, F|Staff is your solution to an active gig life.

Don’t wait until January to get going with F|Staff. The sooner you start, the faster you can open yourself up to the variety of jobs that are waiting for you.

Visit F| to learn more and sign up!